(03/06/2006) Day Twenty-three: Emei Shan

Weather: Overcast

Goddamnit I dropped my stick ..
Goddamnit I dropped my stick ..

Today we began to climb up the mountain.

We begun the walk from Emei Shan – Baoguo’s temple to Wanriiansi temple – toooo long (20km!) up hill.

There were lots of dodgy motorcycle guys offering us lifts.

Everytime I asked directions in Mandarin I got a different answer (2km/10km/15km!).  Got directed up a vegetable path!

We finally arrived and caught a chairlift.  Went up to a temple (beautiful!) and walked to Qingyin/Niuxin pavillian and caught a bus back to Wannian where we slept the night for 100Y!  Bargain!

Sooo tired … food is bleh ..