(06/06/2006) Day Twenty-six: Chengdu -> Zhongguo

Weather: Overcast and rainy

Corey pats a red panda (firefox)
Corey pats a red panda (firefox)

Today we went to the panda center!

I was sick in the morning but struggled along.  It was well worth it, the pandas were sooo adorable.

Corey patted and held a red panda (50Y) and promised me he would pay for me to pat a big panda but it was 400Y!

So he got me a little panda named Sausage!

Afterwards we went to Haagen Dazs and got the tea set, sooo good.

Spent the rest of the day hunting down PSPs!  Bought a sailor shirt and ate sushi at the yummy Japanese place.

Washing clothes and then bed.


Hey kittens!

Two little fatties chowing down the bamboo
Two little fatties chowing down the bamboo

I bet your wondering if we are still alive.  Well, forunately we are (with both kidneys intact!)  We are still in the Sichuan Province, in the capital Chengdu.  We went up to the mountain of Emei Shan and to see the “worlds largest” sitting buddha.  It was pretty big!  You could picnic on its big toe.

We weren’t too impressed by the Emei Shan mountain so we left a day early to bus it to a lake (Jiuzhaigou) however we found out the airport was being repaired and we couldn’t bus it until the next day not leaving us enough time to get back to Chengdu to fly out.  So we are taking it easy seeing the sights around here.

We saw pandas today at China’s biggest panda breeding center!  Resisted stealing one somehow.

Anyway, about to be dragged down to the computer market YET again for Corey’s eternal persuit for electronic toys!

Love you long time
Kimberley and Corey!