(08/06/2006) Day Twenty-eight: Qingcheng Shan

Weather: Sunny! :)

A statue in the side of the mountain
A statue in the side of the mountain

Today we got up and went to Qingcheng Shan via bus.  Staff were actually really helpful at the bus station today.

After getting up over the ferry and chairlift we started walking (3 different paths) until we settled on one which turned out to be the path down to the bottom of the chairlift!

haha! We are morons!

So we caught the chairlift back up (totally confused chairlift guys!) and climbed to the top!  Sooo many stairs!

By then we were so tired and couldn’t make it down so we caught the chairlift down and bused back to Chengdu.

Ate at a sichuan restaurant (it was okay) and got McDonalds sundaes.

So tired, we fly to Kunming tomorrow.