10 random thoughts

Here are 10 things I was thinking about while driving into the city to check my mailbox:

  1. I hope Kin’yoobi gets better..
  2. (upon spotting two guys sparring near the belltower, then stopping and running about 50m, then stopping and sparring again), humans are strange ..
  3. Why is everybody so concerned about obesity – it’s a problem sure, but I think there’s a bigger problem of people being idiots, drinking too much and being selfish & inconsiderate .. we should be more concerned about these things.
  4. I wonder what’s in the mailbox? I hope it’s something exciting.
  5. Why is everybody in such a goddamn rush all the time?
  6. Does anybody want to help me start a J-Rock band? We’d be awesome!
  7. No Maltese citizenship in the mailbox for Kimberley – she’s going to be pissed off.
  8. I’m sick of this country – I can’t wait to move .. but I do like Perth, hm.
  9. I wonder if Kim is ready to get picked up yet ..
  10. I should blog this .. it’d be fantastic!