(10/06/2006) Day Thirty: Kunming -> Old Dali

Weather: Raining & overcast

The three pagodas in Dali
The three pagodas in Dali

We woke up early this morning and checked out of the gross Kunfu hotel.

Taxied to the bus station and caught (with minimal fuss) a bus to Dali.

After that with a lot of fuss we managed to catch a taxi to Old Dali and checked into the MCA guest house (quite nice) and then we went to lunch yummy (oreo cheesecake!).

We caught a taxi to the three pagodas and Chongsheng si temple, which was massive and impressive behind the pagodas.

It was well worth the visit, rain & closing time meant that we were alone to enjoy the temple without thousands of tourists around :)

We walked back to Dali and purchased lots and lots of chinese learning books and ate dinner.

Dali city is so pretty with old cobstones and a river/stream running through it.

Tried to call home and work with little success ..

So tired and sick of the rain.