(11/06/2006) Day Thirty-one: Langshan

Weather: Rainy & shit

Erhai lake (Ear shaped lake)
Erhai lake (Ear shaped lake)

Today started with a little sleep in (8:30am) and we went for breakfast which wasn’t very good.

After breakfast we caught a taxi to Zhonghe temple only to find the chairlift was being “repaired!”.  What is with that?!  Is all of China in repair?!

So we ditched walking up the hill to it due to bad weather and lazyness and taxied to Erhai lake and found out the ferry was 100Y.

So we decided the lake didn’t look worth it and sat by the lake for a while.  The taxi driver saw us sitting there and decided he wanted to take us to a place we didn’t know about.

It was Lang Shan – 6km from Old Dali.

The gates of Old Dali
The gates of Old Dali

Beautiful!  The taxi driver was sweet and Corey gave him a pack of Marlboros.

Afterwards, we taxied back, ate dinner, posted postcards and shopped and then called home and then ate again!

Picked up some presents today.

LiJiang tomorrow!


Hello, hello!

Your probably wondering how we are, or not.  Well, we are currently in the Yunnan Province in Dail, CHINA.  We almost didn’t make our flight to the capital city, Kunming due to somebody (named Kimberley) setting the alarm clock wrong.  Amazing how fast you can pack your backpack when you have to!

Kimberley and a dog inside Old Dali
Kimberley and a dog inside Old Dali

We only spent day or so in Kunming (explored some temples), before catching a five hour bus to Dali.  The local buses can be stressful as the Chinese speak about as good english as mandarin we speak which isn’t really the best.  However, we are getting our point across and travelling independantly isn’t as stressful as we first thought.  Definately helps knowing a little of the local language.

Dali is a pleasant little city which consists of and old part and a new modern part.  The old Dali is surrounded by an old wall and is a little touristy but definately a refreshing change.  Some absolutely beautiful Yunnan style  temples around here.

The whole of China seems to be “in repair” as in almost every place we go to there is something we can’t do or see because its being repaired.  :P

There was trouble today as Corey somehow managed to romance a very helpful (for a change) taxi driver.  Corey even gave him a little gift, the local currency… cigarettes!

We are having a great time, even though the rain has been following us around for weeks on end like a bad smell.  We hope everyone is well at home!

Love you long time
Kimberley and Corey

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    1. I think you’re wrong about the chairlift thing .. they’re not made in italy .. I remember commenting on it because I kept looking at the “Made in Austria” thing on them as they all seemed to be made in Austria ..

      If I had more motivation I’d google for the company but I don’t care enough ^_^

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