(13/05/2006) Day Two: Kathmandu, Nepal

Outside the window @ Hotel Vaishali .. workmen doing their safety thing
Outside the window @ Hotel Vaishali .. workmen doing their safety thing

Sooo!  Woke up this morning so early after so little sleep!  Another plane to Nepal!  It was quite an experience with all the cab drivers offering their services even offering drugs to Corey (if I had not been there I’m sure it would have been whores).

After all that hassel we managed to get in a cab.  However the cabbies “friend” decided to hop in the front with us.  “Tips, meter on”.  They must have decided whatever money they could muster out of doing things the “proper way” was better than nothing.

After checking in we went to send emails (internet horribly slow!) to let everyone know we survived!  However it’s raining! So rest ..  Went out for Thai food – was okay.

– Kimberley


Blue steeling in Hotel Vaishali
Blue steeling in Hotel Vaishali

Hey kids,

we have arrived in Kathmandu (Nepal) and got bombarded by jerks trying to get us to take their cab.

Eventually we grabbed one and got to the hotel and all was good.

We’re fine and we will send emails when we can (if you can access internet there), I don’t think any of the other places will be too much of an issue…besides the fact that the internet is slower than dialup).

Another note: please don’t send picture emails or fowards to either this address or kim’s address as we have a 100mb limit on our mailboxes and they might fill up.

Will keep in contact.

Kim & Corey.