(14/05/2006) Day Three: Kathmandu, Nepal

Downtown Kathmandu
Downtown Kathmandu

First day of the tour “apparently” was a free day in Kathmandu so we decided to start off on a walking tour listed in the Lonely Planet book.

Thamel is horrid and you can’t stand and look at a map without being annoyed. Sure enough we were annoyed by a guy named Hari.

Who shuffled us around telling us useful bits of information about religion (Hindi & Buddha). We went to: Kathmandu Durbar Square, Old King Palace, Swimbhunath stupa (Monkey Temple), Boudhanath stupa (Biggest stupa of Nepal), Nagarkot (Highest peak of Nepal).

Hari told us his life story while showing us around. Then demanded a hefty tip! We gave him a little then he whined for more. Almost comical! (Monkey stupa rulez).

Came back for tour, meeting was a joke (after a lot of hassel) and went for japanese (quite ok).

Sleeeeeep (I am sunburnt!) – Washing clothes is death!

Amazing views from Nagarkot
Amazing views from Nagarkot


Hey everyone!

Its us again! WOW! Two emails in two days!

We have survived yet another day in this place.

We managed to actually get out and see the place today with a slightly annoying local man named Hari as our guide. He kind of just stuck to us like a barnicle! So we let him tag along and tell us about everything. Including his whole life story which we were pretty sure was a complete lie.

Kimberley following Hari down the death steps at monkey temple
Kimberley following Hari down the death steps at monkey temple

Apparently we have another whole day here. DAMNATION! LET US INTO TIBET ALREADY!


Kimberley and Corey.