(14/06/2006) Day Thirty-four: Tiger leaping gorge

Weather: Sunny!

eating breakfast at walnut garden
eating breakfast at walnut garden

Woke up from our 15Y accomodation.  Paid and got a paid lift to Walnut Garden!

Decided to walk back which started as an easy hike through vegetable gardens and farms and quickly lead to full scale hiking with some really dangerous parts.

Came across a chinese guy charging for people to pass under extremely rocky cliff.  Had an argument in chinese and after some time we just paid only to be asked for more money!  For a sky ladder!

We just walked past and ignored her and the lady went nuts on her walkie talkie.

A little boy ran past us and locked us in!  After climbing the ladder (sooo dodgy) and very steep and hard climb we managed to find the locked gate .. bent it to go through, climbed to the top and got away!

Walked for a bit and got asked to be on chinese tv – said yes but only if we get a lift down the mountain!

They refused so we had more taxi negotiations ..

Got a lift down the mountain and caught the bus back to Lijiang.  Said goodbye to the others and found a hotel.

Got shoes shined and ate!