(15/05/2006) Day Four: Kathmandu, Nepal

Baskin & Robbins Nepal style
Baskin & Robbins Nepal style

Today we lounged around Nepal drinking pots of tea, writing letters, emailing, going to the post office and eating yummy cake.

Bought patches of every country we will be visiting.

We went on a rickshaw and the driver was insane.  Leering at everyone – was so funny!  Then we paid him double what he/we agreed on (100 rupee) and he still wanted to charge us to take a picture!

People here seem fascinated by my polaroid camera!  I can’t get film anywhere for it so I am hoping I can pick some up in Hong Kong or Shanghai/Beijing.

The people/waiters at the restaurant were really cute too!

I enjoyed the last day or so better than the first.  These people can drive you nuts if you let them.

Ahh! Chinese visa cancelled!  Because of the stupid Tibetan visa.  Have to apply in Hong Kong.

Had indian curry for dinner – it was yummy.

Tibet tomorrow!

– Kimberley


View out from the 40000 1/2 ft bar
View out from the 40000 1/2 ft bar

Hello again!

Still in Nepal! We leave tomorrow (finally) anyway here are a couple of

pictures (forgive the size I not sure how to compress pictures on windows

without photoshop).

The first one is a rickshaw guy (the guys that harass you constantly) in a

square in town and the second is me and Kimberley up in Nagakor (a town in

the himalayas).

Kimberley & Corey.

LINK: The 40000 1/2 feet bar

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