(17/06/2006) Day Thirty-seven: Xi Shan

Weather: Sunny + bright

At the top of Xi Shan
At the top of Xi Shan

Late start today, breakfast followed by getting our Shanghai flights moved forward so we fly out tomorrow – woop!

A bit after 12 we started to head towards the Xi Shan (western hills) via taxi – however our taxi driver was a dick.

After hassel we finally arrived and went up to the top.

Awesome view and baby stone forest was also awesome.

Travelling back to Kunming on the chairlift
Travelling back to Kunming on the chairlift

Got the poos after a bit so we decided to walk down and go down to the bottom.

Started feeling really bad and had to go back and catch a chairlift down.

3Y bog!  Got another chairlift back across green (wtf) river.

Emailed and went to dinner at the Yunnan restaurant.

Tried local specialties (medical/medicine herb chicken and hot soup thing), really yummy and radical tea pouring guy with long spout!

Watched some awesome traditional performances and then and ate sundaes at KFC.


Hey kids!

We are in the Yunnan province still but we have pushed our flights foward and will be in Shanghai tomorrow due to us finishing our hike a day early. (George, this means that you will be seeing us possibly a day or two early… if this a problem let me know)

We have been busy climbing mountains and starting fights with chinese men on mountain tops.  We went to the mountains in the Yunnan Province which is known to westerners as the tiger leaping gorge (sorry the mandarin name escapes me atm).  It was probably the best mountain we climbed, (you can walk alongside the Yangtse river) even if it almost killed us.  We were travelling with a group of other backpackers and the hike was entertaining to say the least.  The two boys made me (Kim) ask the people we stayed with (a really small villiage called Youkuo) to kill them a chicken for their dinner.  It looked disgusting.

The walk back was sensational views but a really enduring climb considering most people walk down it but we were going in reverse.  A chinese guy was trying to scam us out of money to cross a path which involved an arguement in poor chinese between us on a rocky mountain cliff and him getting all macho.  After a while we decided to give him the money (10 yuan .. $1.60), however were asked again for more money which we just ran up the mountain without paying.  They ran ahead and locked us in to the mountain!!!! We bent the gate and escaped!  Still narrowly avoiding jail somehow!

In other news we saw the Shilin stone forests yesterday and it was totally amazing.  Much like the labrynth, however we never did see David Bowie dressed in spandex:(.  We have been to a bunch of other places too but not to bore you.

Kimberley and Corey