(18/05/2006) Day Seven: Lhasa, Tibet

Creepy Tibetan midget dances for us
Creepy Tibetan midget dances for us

Today was crazy!

First we went to the Drepung Monasteries (looks like a pile of rice).  Which was interesting.  Then we went to a “traditional” Tibetan village where barley wine, yak butter & teat cake was had and we danced with the Tibetans (awesome creepy midget!) (also churned yak butter tea).  The butter tea was disgusting!

We went to the Summer palace (Chinese one much prettier) and had lunch.  Sichuan spicey dumplings!  Yum Yum Yum! Hot!

Then we went to the “Tibetan museum” which was just a money scam, not much to see.

Ewwwww summer palace ^_^
Ewwwww summer palace ^_^

Then we went to the Sera Monastery.  Not much to see either.

Did see monks debating then we shipped off to “Tibetan medicine factory” .. another scam!

Shigatse tomorrow!

– Kimberley

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