(18/06/2006) Day Thirty-eight: Kunming -> Shanghai

Weather: Hot, smoggy, hot hot hot!

Nanjing Road at night time
Nanjing Road at night time

Woke up at 5am to fly to Shanghai at 8:10.  Got to Shanghai and got accomodation put forward.

It’s so smoggy and hot in Shanghai and our room is so flash!

Walked to the bund and ate Japanese (yummies!) including eel that was yummy but the texture was weird.

Took photos and went on a psychedelic tunnel to new shanghai.

Took some more photos and decided to leave the oriental pearl to another day.

Look around for some film and took a nap.  After we woke up we went and looked for food – we ate traditional chinese shanghai style – yum!

Walked back and bought some crazy roller things.

I need money :(

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