(20/05/2006) Day Nine: Shigatse, Tibet

View out from one of the many temples
View out from one of the many temples

Today started with a one and a half hour drive from Gyantse to Shigatse (more bullshit with hotel ..).

Checked into hotel and went to Tashilhumpo monastary.  Saw the cutest little monk.

I wanted a pair of monk boots but they were too expensive (150Y lowest price!) – so I went without.

Monastery very similar to others.

Started raining there .. very cold!

Afterwards we went to markets where I purchased a pimp hat! (20Y)

Found moon pies but they were shit.

Bought film and internetted, then we ate a pretty crappy dinner.  The food in Tibet is subpar.

Corey bought a rad army jacket.  The sales woman was cute and happy to talk to me very fast in mandarin.

– Kimberley



Hey guys!

We are currently in Shigatse, Tibet.  Woop!

Yesterday we were in Gyantse.  We drove a long way through lots of dusty dirt, crazy mountain top roads.  The view was beautiful but the dust was not.  Everytime we find ourselves finally adjusting to the altitude we go higher and feel the pressure.  Mostly suffering headaches and tiredness.

Nothing too crazy.  Tibet doesn’t seem so magical when you get here and see everything.  Its very much like china and mandarin seems to be widely accepted.  (Yumiao, you would be proud I am making use of lessons and being understood!) We actually sick of looking at Tibetian monastaries and hearing about buddhas!  Tried to buy crazy monk boots but no one would go below 150 yuan (about AUD$24 ..haha) so I (KIM) was too much of a tight wad to buy them.

Tomorrow we are shipped off somewhere else and then the day after that we go to the Everest base camp.  Apparently an 8km walk!  I dunno how we are going to do this considering we get puffed walking up a flight of stairs with the air being so thin.

Will keep in touch!
Ta ta
Kimberley and Corey