(21/05/2006) Day Ten: Shigatse -> no where (Shegar)

Peak of summer in Tibet ..
Peak of summer in Tibet ..

Ahh!  Writing in another day two days late!

Today all day we drove (10 hours) and we were stopped by road works and had to wait four hours until we were able to pass through.

Time was passed by eating ice cream and dissing our favourite man!

After dinner & lunch in a cruddy guest house (good chips and chocolate pancakes though) we started driving again.

Passed roadworks (roads still very bad) and thank you to Tibet’s crazy weather it was snowing!

More like sleet, but we stopped and had a snowball fight.  Corey resorted to putting snow in my hair!

Kept driving well onto 10:30 & checked into a super creepy hotel in Shegar.

Toilets were facing the shower .. so weird!

Slept ..