(25/05/2006) Day Fourteen: Kathmandu, Nepal

The stupa where we were expecting a light show ..
The stupa where we were expecting a light show ..

Last day in Kathmandu!  Yay!

We spent it eating pizza for breakfast, using the internet and writing letters home.

We walked to the post office but it was closed (open but no one was inside).

After that we went and got Baskin & Robbins (gave some ice cream to a homeless man.  So cute, he loved it!).  We went and got some water and also gave some to him.

Walked back and drank some tea with Trish.

Took a photo of a cute guard!  Gave him a copy of the picture and he was so happy!

Ate some cake (not as good as the first time).  Bummed around by the pool and complained about the unclean room.

After that we met up with the group one last time and went to see the stupa night lights but it was not lit up :(

Last night with our group so we went and ate at a Japanese restaurant – it was okay.  We chatted for a bit and then went to bed.

Tomorrow Thailand!


we are now back in Nepal and even though this place is a bit of a hole and the people are annoying, we are happy to have a shower (the last few places in Tibet were freezing and only had shared COLD showers so we didn’t bother).

Kimberley with a guard in Nepal
Kimberley with a guard in Nepal

We saw mount everest and I (Corey) got a bad case of mountain sickness and so did a few of the girls on the group so our tour guide decided rather than to camp at 5200m we would go up and see the base camp and go back to the previous town (4700m) and advance our tour a day, we were happy with this.  We ate some baskin & robbins and cake and pizza last night because
the food in nepal is average as opposed to the shitty food in Tibet(with the exception of some momos (tibetian dumplings).
Mount Everest was quite clear so we were lucky (it’s usually covered in clouds), I took a photo in between sucking down cans of oxygen (got a photo of that too).

So rather than spending one day in Nepal we are spending two and we leave for Bangkok tomorrow for an overnight and then to Hong Kong (yay civilization!) Aside from that we’re glad that we don’t have to hear the “Hello money” phrase anymore from begging children with their hands out.  But by the end of it we just decided to give them other things like tissues, pringles or batteries…y’know, the important stuff.  Also glad to be away from the polaroid obessed locals!  Our drivers in Tibet were obsessed and everytime the camera was out they were happily posing for the 7000th polaroid of the day.  Even had a local tibetian try to pay 50 yuan (about 8 australian!) for ONE polaroid.  Ha ha a nice change from the beggars.

Anyway we are now happy to have access to baskin & robbins and a shower and we’re at a normal altitude so we don’t get puffed walking up a flight of stairs.  Pizza Hut err…Hong Kong here we come!

Kimberley & Corey.