(30/05/2006) Day Nineteen: Hong Kong

too much food and too many rides on the pirate boat
too much food and too many rides on the pirate boat

Weather: Raining & Overcast

Purchased an umbrella today because it was raining in the morning.

Then we picked up our visas .. success!

Had lunch at central then we went to Ocean Park fun and rides! Rides & rides!

After that we went home and showered and went to Kowloon and played DDR!

Then we at some more at Hard Rock cafe and then we went for coffee & cake!

So tired…



smoking at Ocean Park
smoking at Ocean Park

How is everyone?  I hope everyone is well and enjoying sunny weather.  The weather here is pretty horrid at the moment.  We are in Hong Kong and will be here until Thursday.  We have managed to solve the problem with the Chinese visa I hope. Its currently in the visa office getting sorted.  We freaked out a bit because they started asking all sorts of crazy questions like “why is there a big red cancelled stamp over this!”

The food in Hong Kong is great!  We are lucky we are only here for a little while as we are quickly turning into little fatties on all the yummy food.  However, Corey has become addicted to a pizza from pizza hut here that has a hot dog crust (like stuffed crust but with hot dogs in there instead).

We have been looking around at the sights here and went gambling in Macau yesterday!  Corey actually won money!

We both have a bit of a cold at the moment but I suspect its more from constantly changing of weather (hot, cold, snow, desert!), total lack of sleep and all the country hopping!

Love you long time with all kidneys intact…
Kimberley and Corey