(30/06/2006) Day Fifty: Beijing -> Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

Weather: Fine

Mongolian fast food chain
Mongolian fast food chain

Today we woke up super early and caught the plane to Mongolia (barely!).

After rushing through emergency customs etc, we were on the plane to Ulaanbaatar!

Finally arrived and argued with dodgy taxi drivers and started walking away from airport .. finally got taxi and caught it into town.

Checked into our hostel and went out to change some money and get some eats and take a look around.

Finally changed money (rediculous! 860 togrugs = $1AUD).

Couldn’t extend our visa on arrival so we had to wait until Monday!

We and ate at mongolian BBQ restaurant (haha American chain) and came back and paid for our hostel and slept!

Lots of skanky looking mongolian girls and crazy cotton trees get into your eyes and mouth.  Most people speak decent english ..


The state department store
The state department store

Hey guys!

Well, we are currently in MONGOLIA!  We are in the capital city of Ulaanbataar.  China was fantastic and we both had a great time there.  We almost missed our plane to Mongolia due to Chinese customs and security.  The Chinese can be most unhelpful when there is no wad of cash waiting for them at the end of it.  It being part of your job (airport staff) doesn’t seem to come into the equation.

Either way we made it.  Mongolia seems to be some bizarro mix of chinese / russian / pseudo euopean wantable country.  The weather is ok (not stinking hot like china) and the currency is crazy (1.00 AUD Australia Dollars  = 869.952 MNT Mongolia Tugriks).
The english here is quite good so we are getting by fine.  We are looking into renting a jeep to go out bush (4wheeldrivinghellyes!) but without a driver because the drivers here are shifty as and I’m sure we would both be found in tubs of ice without kidneys or wallets if we took one.

TANYA :  That chick is a lying cow!  We couldn’t extend our visas on entry and by the time we go in the mongolian consulate was closed.  Its also still closed because its the weekend.  Our visa will expire almost on the day we will be able to extend it.  I hope they give us some pity.  Also
that leaves us less time to get our russian visa.  Please send her a letter bomb!

We are totally looking forward to the festival and it is mongolias 800th anniversary so we expect things to get pretty crazy here soon.

IN other news we actually look Australian now due to the amount of sun we are getting.  STUPID TANS.


KImberley and Corey