Apple sucks at shuffle.

Apple sucks at shuffle.

I’m not talking about the device (ipod shuffle) .. I’m talking about the way they use shuffle.

Here are a few things that further illustrate my point:

in iTunes:

This has bugged me for fucking years .. 95% of the time I listen to my iTunes library on shuffle and anybody who knows me knows how obsessive compulsive I am about switching tracks all the time until I find one that’s just right.

So say I’m listening to iTunes on shuffle here’s what plays:

Song I -> Song A-> Song G -> Song T -> Song N -> Song F

and then when I get to Song F I decide “Hey, I feel like listening to Song I again” so I search for it and play it.  After that, guess what happens?  Yep that’s right:

Song I -> Song A-> Song G -> Song T -> Song N -> Song F -> angry poppy

Next thing that pisses me off ..

on my iPhone (probably applies to iPod also):

Say I’m listening to the iPod on shuffle again:

Song I -> Song A-> Song G -> Song T -> Song N -> Song F

and then I get up to Song G and decide “Hey, the album that Song G is on has another song I feel like listening to ..”, so naturally I hit “Album” which Song G is on and select the song I want to listen to ..

What happens?

Song G album starts to shuffle


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  1. Well then maybe you SHOULD switch to Songbird. Heaps better at shuffling and you can get the now playing plugin to make even better!

    1. I’ve been thinking about it but there are two things stopping me:

      iTMS DRM’d files (are these supported?)
      iPhone app store goodness

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