Confusing the Optus lady

So a lady from Optus came around to my house today to notify me of an upgrade to the nearest Optus exchange .. here’s how the conversation went:

<Optus lady> Hi, don’t worry I’m not here to convert your religion or anything

<noisypoppy> thanks

<Optus lady> I was just wishing to notify you of an exchange upgrade which will not allow you to avoid the $30 line rental each month…

<noisypoppy> Oh, I already have naked ADSL through internode on an optus exchange ..

<Optus lady> … what?

<noisypoppy> I get my internet through internode, who (in my area) use the optus exchange ..

<Optus lady> Oh .. so you’re already an optus customer ..?

<noisypoppy> well sorta but not really .. my money goes to internode who give money to you in exchange for ports on the exchange in which to offer their services ..

<Optus lady> okay .. so you have wireless?

<noisypoppy> well yes .. internal wireless .. not 3G .. I have naked adsl, through internode ..

<Optus lady> oh ..okay .. well .. since you’re already an optus customer I don’t need to let you know about it .. thanks for your business!

<noisypoppy> .. you’re welcome ..?

2 Replies to “Confusing the Optus lady”

  1. HAhahahahaha. My response would have been, “OH, so you ARE trying to convert me into a cult?”

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