Day Eight: Chiang Mai

ladies, gentlemen and lady boys.
this is the second time i type this on a shitty assed keyboard which sucks because my computer just swallowed my email.
Anyway. for jo… what i ate today – kim that is
bacon and two eggs with a croissant and fruit.
spring rolls off the street yum!
fried pork miso soup and rice with fruit. = japanese and sushi
fried chicken off the street that made me go… dddddddddddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmn
fried noodles with vegetables and cashews.
some of coreys spring rolls and satay sticks.
corey ate pretty much that but omit a few items. haha
besides being fat round eyes we went fabric shopping which is not by any means cheaper than china. i just want to state that to any mofo that has informed me that thailand is cheap as chips. its cheap don’t get me wrong… my one dollar massive piece of fried chicken will attest to that but not as cheap as china. you know why. because too many fat round eyes are here so they will not sell cheaper if some other fat round eye will buy it for the same price two seconds later.
anyway. the fabric was reasonable. then we ate lunch… as you can see… went temple looking. and ended up going to a night safari where corey almost got maulled by a tiger because he video taped it take a dump in the river. honestly i am not lying. corey is a cold hard pervert. the safari was pretty cool and we didn’t have to break the tuk tuk drivers balls too bad to get a decent price home. also now i am going to make corey eat a massive disgusting hotdog because its thailand and i can.
love you guys long time.