Day Eleven & Twelve: Chiang Mai -> Bangkok

Well we didn’t email yesterday but it wasn’t really that exciting. We left Chiang Mai and made it to Bangkok. Of course we had the wonderful task of aquiring a Tuk Tuk at 6 am in the morning to get to the airport as in a city of 204 000 population the call a taxi service doesn’t operate that early. WTF. Anyway… we flew asia air who were pretty good. Got screwed on some bullshit 7% hidden tax on our accom but ate some awesome Japanese food. Later we checked out one of the markets where we managed to purchase two DDR matts for pretty cheap but overall the shopping here is quite disappointing and a lot of the shit for sale is imported from China. For example most of the tourist souviner items are like chinese robes and shit like that. With Chinese characters on them. Real thai huh. We saw a movie in 3D which the effects of 3d were cool the movie was not. We don’t recommend my bloody valentine.
Anyway today is master corey aka Dr. Awesome birthday. So a small sleep in was required. We checked out one of the more impressive temples and saw some awesome forensic medical museum which was actually in a hospital which was totally confusing. Also scarily. Noted lots of nurses walking around carrying those biohazard organ transplant eskys totally relaxed. Nothing to be rushing about with I guess. Anyway, the museum was really cool and filled with lots of stuff like a whole human head cut in half. Amazing. Apparently there was meant to be the shirt of a guy who was stabbed to death with a dildo but we didn’t see it. Perhaps it was one of the displays labeled only in thai. Also whole mummified corspes of thai serial killers. We went to see a art gallery but that was closed. FAIL.
Planning to find this awesome fried chicken – the thai version which is awesome- restaurant tonight and perhaps see a ping pong show.
Loving you guys from afar.