Day Five: Ayuthaya

Hi kids,
typing this because Kim is too cool to talk to you all .. especially her own friends .. and I only have 6 minutes in which to do this (should be 12 but the stupid machine wouldn’t work).
Anyway, today we got up early and rode our bicycles around the island of Ayuthaya and almost got killed by traffic every 10 seconds which was quite a hoot.  We rode around and saw lots and lots of fancy Wats, ain’t so fancy .. that’s why they’re in ruins.  Anyways, we also rode down to see a massive reclining budda, which represents the laziness and scamming buddist religion.
Kim is interrupting my shit and throwing me off track .. she doesn’t want any of you to get an email .. let’s all hate on Kimberley! w00t! ^_^
It is very hot and we just ate some good dins of cashew chicken, fried rice, pad thai and some spring rolls.
3 minutes
tap tap
Anyway, better go!
See you kids laters!