Day Four: Kanchanaburi -> Suphanburi -> Ayuthaya

Hey kids!
Well today we caught the bus from Kanchanaburi to Suphanburi. And then from there to Ayuthaya. Not before checking out, picking up our washing from a lovely washing lady and seeing two American dudes we met the night before with their… cough… beautiful young thai friends.COUGH. Anyway. This bus ride was probably only meant to take 3 1/2 hours but managed to take almost 5. Murderous. Actually ate street food ..again. Seriously though people come onto the bus and sell you food. Love it. Satay chicken skewers and rice for under $1!
YUM. Anyway after a loooooooooong bus ride we got here and Corey wanted to get Hot dog pizza. Which was FOUL. Worse than the first time. Ew. He ate almost all of it.
We then rented bikes (push bikes) after we decided corey + doubling kim + thai traffic = certain death. I think the quote for the week at the rental place will now be “i don’t want to die” after corey was trying out the bike and I (kim) kept saying that to the rental lady.
Anyway. Looked at some wats. Got lost. And went to a fair that was here and watched Corey suck ass trying to bust balloons in some game. They gave him a lollypop though. I ate corn on a cob (yay second dinner!)
Also the kid next to me is wall hacking so bad. fkn noob.
Loving you guys from afar.