Day Nine: Chiang Mai

Hey guys,
Well today we started off by going ZORB balling. Which was kind of fun and a let down at the same time. Awesome fun but way too short!
Anyway then we came back to Chiang Mai and Corey ate a hot dog which Kim bought for him for valentines day… which was “pretty good”
Corey recipricated by buying Kim a 20 Baht rose which lasted a few hours in the sun before it died .. Thailand F* yeah!.
Then he whinged about being tired for a while and we went to look at some markets.. which were fail and went to a textiles museum. That was ok but none of you crackers would really be into that. When we ate dinner Corey was paid 50 Baht to eat a bunch of really really hot dip. Hilarious! Should totally be on youtube once we are home. WE looked at the night markets here. A bit fail. Some things are nice.
OH corey says “we had haagen dazs which was pretty rockin to the max .. but $15 for a bowl of ice cream and some brownies in ‘The cheapest country ever’ is a bit steep ..”
Corey bought Kim a banana roti with chocolate (kinda like a banana crepe with chocolate but cheaper), which was also awesome to the max.
Aside from that we’re just going to turn in early and prepare to wake up and head to the mountain with probably another disappointing temple.. but maybe this is the good one!
*Kim proceeds to set alarm clock for 6:38*
Last day in Chiang Mai tomorrow and we get to head to Bangkok first thing Monday morning which will be the decider to tell us whether Thailand is a big bowl of lies or maybe 2% as good as China (doubt it).
China ftw!