Day one: Perth -> Bangkok

Hi Kids!
We’ve arrived safe and sound in Bangkok after 7 hours of flying (including a connecting flight in Phuket for god knows what reason).  We left home at 6am (Perth time) this morning and when the cabbie arrived we were locking up the house and double checking everything when suddenly his cab went sideways into the neighbours garden .. we were like “WTF o_O” .. anyway it turns out the retard broke his gear stick or something so it caused the car to launch forward into our neighbours tree, so he called us a new cab which got us to the airport safe and sound and we chilled and ate the worst breakfast (for $16) .. the sausage was the shiniest sausage I’ve ever seen, but to make it better we coated it in butter like the fat round eyes we are.
Anyway, after a bit of dicking around we finally got here and just returned from a night on the town where we ate some awesome japanese food and drank lots of beer, then stopped in at 7-11 for an awesome 50c milo popper.  Aside from that I went for a bit of a walk by myself to have a cigarette earlier and got mobbed by guys offering me ping pong shows, massages and a slightly less creative fellow just offering plain ol’ hookers.
Anyways, we’re probably going to head off tomorrow to Kanchanburi to start our trek up to Chang Mai.
I’ve been far to lazy to film anything tonight and we’ve both been up for almost 24 hours (excluding the 3 hour nap we took this morning).