Day Seven: New Sukhothai -> Old Sukhothai -> Chiang Mai

Sawasdee .. or something children,
Today we got up at the crack of dawn at 6:38am as usual because Kim is weird and sets the alarm constantly for that time .. for some reason.
Anyway, we got up and jumped straight in the back of a ute and headed to Old Sukhothai and rented up some bikes and rode around the historical park which had a bunch of scammers ruins (wats) and they were actually pretty cool.  Then that wasn’t good enough for Kim so we rode another 6000kms outside the park and climbed up lots of “hills” to see some more ruins, which were actually pretty impressive.  We were so thirsty because it was so goddamn hot so we pulled into this little abandoned station looking thing and found a guy asleep on the bench.  We woke his ass up and scabbed some water off him and filled his hand with 1 baht coins until he told us to stop.
Then we rode back to the Old Sukhothai town and sat down to get some late lunch and pretty much ordered everything on the menu and chowed it down like the fat western pigs we are .. everything was awesome to the max.
Then we got back to new Sukhothai where we were staying and decided that even though the turtles in swimming around in the bucket at the guest house were mega cute ++, they weren’t enough to extend our stay, so we decided to head to Chiang Mai so we can spend more time here and maybe visit some towns further north or east or whatever.
Our bus came half an hour late and then Kim ate all the fried seaweed on the bus like the guts she is (I once wondered where Kin’yoobi learnt it from .. )
Anyway we jumped off the bus in Chiang Mai at about 10pm Thailand time (12am Perth time, 1am QLD time) and got in a fight with the Tuk Tuk drivers and then told them to STFU and they made 0 Baht ^_^
Eventually we arrived at our hotel and checked in and then went and ate some $1 pad thai in some local restaurant where everybody was asleep on the tables .. but they got excited when they saw us and had our meals ready lickity split.
I think that’s pretty much it ..
OH WAIT, we did just get to see a british guy in the 7-11 get into a massive brawl with a bunch of poppers, best shit I’ve ever seen, and we saw our first lady boy.
Would you like a massage?