Day Six: Ayuthaya -> Sukhothai


Hey guys
Well. Corey failed to mention yesterday that my bike we rented FUCKED up royally. The wheel cover (you know standard bicycles have the metal semi covers) some how got twisted up in itself. We managed to fix it with out super Mcguyver skills, brute force, a pair of finger nail scissors and a coin. It fucked up again then a thai man helped us bend it more and then I ended up fixing it with a hair tie. Now all we need is some blonde feathered hair, stonewash jeans and a white shirt.
Anyway, Last night we pedelled across town for the second time and saw some awesome wat (no danny didn’t leave the t off) in the sun set. So romantic. Haha… except for us being massively sweaty and stinky. Well we did managed to avoid the scammer fee by jumping the fence. So I guess it was romantic after all. Even climbed the stupid steep staircase to see what…. drumroll please. A packet of wax candles and some small buddhas. ok.
Anyway. Today we woke early and caught the bus from Ayuthaya to Sukhothai. 6 Hours. Wasn’t so bad. Actually airconditioned bus with cosy seats and even had a stop off for some bad bus station food.
So now we stay here two nights so we can see the awesome wats tomorrow and are then off to Chiang Mai on the 13th.
We have already enjoyed one dinner but I’m looking forward to a second later on and I’m sure corey is hungry for some fried bananas. YUM.
Love you long time.