Day Ten: Chiang Mai

Hello tuk tuk!

Well it’s our last day in the Chiang Mai and we’ve kinda ran out of things to do, so we’ve been just eating good food and walking around looking at shit.
This morning we got up at 6:38 as usual, but Kim actually hit the snooze button and allowed us an extra 22 minutes of sleep! w00t! ¬†Anyway, last night we got another hamburger from Mickey’s which was actually pretty damn good (the bread actually wasn’t sweet) and we watched some flintstones on cable in the hotel room because we were kinda sick of being out on the street.
Today we just walked around and went up the mountain to look at “Thailands holiest temple” and as expected, it was pretty lame and just full of scamming buddhist monks, stall vendors and shitloads of tourists like everywhere in Thailand.
Although they had a sign saying “Foreigner must buy ticket .. come this way” and we walked up and saw nobody checking tickets and thought screw them, and looked around without a ticket. ¬†Later on we were watching all the whities get scammed into buying tickets and Kim noticed the ticket booth had a sign saying “Tickets are not refundable”.
After that we went and had a look at a couple of art galleries which were a bit out of the way but actually pretty neat.
Last night we had a look at the night markets and we angered a few stall vendors trying to bargain with them .. again, China is much better for shopping ^_^ .. but we hold out hope that bangkok will be okay!
Anyway, we fly back to bangkok early tomorrow mornign and we’ll be glad to be out of Chiang Mai as we’re bored as shit here.