Day Thirteen: Bangkok

Hello tuk tuk!
Well yesterday we got up late and then went down to China town (pronounced Shina tooown) .. which was a big let down, apparantly if you take 1000s of Thai stalls and put them in one area but put one or two signs around the place with Chinese characters that makes it a China town.  Anyway, after that we kinda got lost and then figured out how to get back to the canal pier and we jumped on the subway and headed for some art gallery which we couldn’t find and it was really hot so we jumped back on the subway and headed to the Weekend Markets in hope that it’d maybe be interesting .. it was not.  Being closed on a Wednesday (funny that huh).  So we rode the lovely cool airconditioned subway back to some fancy department store and then went across to yet another department store and ate some Japanese for lunch (again).
After that we ate a blizzard ice cream from Dairy Queen and managed to resist hurling our ice creams down at a guy sitting a few levels below us who looked like he’d be fun to throw shit at.  Then we went and looked at the apple store and some GUI-TARS and that’s pretty much it.
Bangkok is okay, kinda expensive compared to the rest of Thailand.  But it’s too goddamn hot to do anything interesting .. so overall it’s pretty disappointing.
Today we are going to leave early to see the rest of the scammer huts (temples) and then go get some peanut toast and look at a fabric market.