Day Three: Kanchanaburi

Day late but we got too drunk last night and didn’t get a chance to use the intarwebs.  We are still in Kanchanaburi – which some of you might know is the town from Bridge over the river Kwai .. so there’s heaps of Aussie POW soldier memorials etc .. the river kwai is quite beautiful.
We spent another night in Kachanaburi and got up early and jumped in the back of an old man’s mazda ute to head to the bus station to go to Erawan national park, where there is a 7 tier waterfall which was pretty awesome.  After asking the bus guy how much the trip cost he told us 55 Baht (’bout $2 for an 1.5 hour trip).  While sitting on the bus we got to listen to some French sissies winge to the bus driver about the price (they said they were told 45 Baht … even though everyone on the bus including about 15 thai people paid 55 Baht), so they had a big sissy until Kim told them to STFU and pointed out that they were winging over about 25 euro cents .. losers .. later on in the day we saw them at the top of the mountain and he was swimming around in some budgie smugglers .. hot stuff ..
After that we headed over to the other side of the river and ate some awesome eats at a local restaurant on the river away from the scummy backpacker area.  I got some curried crab which was awesome and Kim ate some fried fish with chinese vegetables which was also quite good.  We started eating dinner and drinking $2 beers which eventually led to us heading down to the 7-11 and picking up some more beers and getting quite drunk by the pool, then we ran out of beers and headed down to the 7-11 for more beers but it was closed so we bought some tallies from a local drug store (we’re so russia k0re now).
Aside from that we’re about to head to a place called Ayutthaya which is further north I think (currently making a path up to Chang Mai which we have to leave on the 16th to fly back to Bangkok so hopefully we get in the a few days early to spend some time there.)
That’s all! ^_^