Day Two: Bangkok -> Kanchanaburi

Yep! Another update. So soon.
We are still alive and kicking. Today we managed to drag our lazy asses out of Bangkok and to a place called Kanchanaburi. It is a pretty tourist filled town with lots of white round eyes about and is famous for various things mainly tigers, river kwai bridge and waterfalls.
So we paid a rip off price to go see these tigers and managed to have our totally natural looking tiger photos taken.  I swear its like we hunted them down in the wild and managed to pose and make nice cheesey smiles in front of these tigers. Actually it was more like they fed the tigers a bunch of bourbon prior and they were just too shitfaced to move.
Corey still claims he is getting harrassed by thai prositutes but some thai lady actually stuck her finger in my zipper hole today. PANTS that is. Usually I request dinner first but… hell WHEN IN THAILAND! ha ha just kidding. Seriously though that totally happened. She was just in her own way telling me I didn’t zip up my pants fully.
Speaking of pants Corey was too fat for a pair of board shorts he purchased today so now I have free pants!
Anyway tomorrow we are going to some MOFO spectacular waterfall and then we should move on.
Not arrested yet but Loving you guys from afar.