Google Hangouts a gigantic success!

So I wake up to the announcement that Google Hangouts is now live across the board.

So let’s give it a run.

Load up play store on my phone to see this:

Oh, ok, fair enough, it’s already installed and just replaces Talk.

Cool, let’s test this shit out:

Wait…wtf it looks the same and is still showing “Talk”

Fuckit, maybe they’re still yet to update.

Let’s give it a try in Google+ on my browser (Chrome):

Oh, oh okay cool, just gotta sign in for some reason (even though I’m signed into Google+), here comes a popup to sign in:


Cool, now to just enter my password (hunter2)

Now that that’s done, just gotta refresh my main page then.


Ok, seems that doesn’t work…let’s give the all new Hangouts Chrome extension a whirl:

…looks familiar…

Attempting sign in (hunter2)


Alright… last resort…let’s give iOS a whirl…

this again…


Successful sign in and working fine in iOS