If my work was irc.

*** Guest81723 has joined #poolmart

<Guest81723> hi

<saku-saku> uh, hey, you know you can change your handle by typing /nick newhandle

<Guest81723> wat is handle?

<saku-saku> your display name

*** Guest81723 is now known as newhandle

<saku-saku> no, replace “newhandle” with the user name of your choice

*** newhandle is now known as Payclerk

*** saku-saku sets mode +o Payclerk

<Payclerk> okay, I am here to get the figures, can you give them to me?

<saku-saku> sure, they’re on the network drive, just go to “My Computer” and open the “Daily Figures” link and find the date period that you want

<Payclerk> My Computer? do i have to come over there and use your computer?

<saku-saku> no. click “start” on YOUR computer, and then go to “My Computer”

<Payclerk> oh, I see, thanks.

<saku-saku> np

<Payclerk> I set the fax machine on copy but it’s not printing?

<saku-saku> it doesn’t print to the fax machine, it prints to the printer out front.

<Payclerk> okay.

<Payclerk> it says it’s out of ink, what do I do?

*** saku-saku changes ink

<saku-saku> try now

<Payclerk> thanks, that worked.  so do I put it face down on the fax machine?

<saku-saku> what for?

<Payclerk> so I can fax it to myself at the other shop

<saku-saku> wat.. i don’t even.. you can email it to yourself at the other shop and save paper, ink, time..

<Payclerk> nah, that takes too much time, will just fax it over

<saku-saku> …

<Payclerk> see ya

*** Payclerk has left #poolmart

*** timesheetinspector57 has joined #poolmart

<timesheetinspector57> hello

<saku-saku> hi

<timesheetinspector57> can you fax me the time sheets?

<saku-saku> ..we’ve been doing them online for about 5 months now, are you infront of a computer atm?

<timesheetinspector57> nope

<saku-saku> okay..can you get to one?

<timesheetinspector57> naw, it’s quicker if you just tell me who worked

<saku-saku> …

<timesheetinspector57> or just fax the timesheets to me, one of our staff didn’t get paid last week

<saku-saku> he didn’t login


<saku-saku> really? somebody still has to fill out a timesheet and fax it over, wasting paper, cost per call etc. and it’s just as easy to forget to fill out a timesheet at the end of the day.  the only fucking reason the timesheets always came through is because I had to spend 45 minutes filling out everybody’s timesheet on the weekends, chasing what hours they worked and then fax them all off. And it’s only the staff who work one day a week and forget to login that are having the problem, there are fucking signs posted everywhere to remind people to login/out everyday. the two staff that work on a regular basis have no trouble with our pays because we actually fucking login

<timesheetinspector57> …

*** saku-saku sets mode +b timesheetinspector57

*** timesheetinspector57 has been kicked by saku-saku (idiot.)

*** customerderp has joined #poolmart

<customerderp> is this hydrochloric acid?

*** saku-saku sets mode +b customerderp

*** customerderp has been kicked by saku-saku (no.)

*** customerderp69 has joined #poolmart

<customerderp69> !watertest

<watertestbot> what is your pool volume?

<customerderp69> pfft how do you expect me to know that

*** customerderp69 has been kicked by watertestbot (find out and then come back)

*** saku-saku sets mode +i

<saku-saku> :D