IRC comedy.

<katey>    i wrecked my arm playing the guitar
<katey>    so could play synth or anything
<katey>    only just almost healed now, took a year :(
<CrypticSquared>    can i ask though, how does one wreck an arm playing guitar?
<katey>    practicing shred for 8 hours straight
<CrypticSquared>    ah
<katey>    wrecked both tendons
<CrypticSquared>    ouch
<katey>    then muscles get imbalanced’
<CrypticSquared>    yeah that happens though :(
<katey>    not being able to use your arm for a year sucks
<CrypticSquared>    i went without it for 6 months that was bad enough
<katey>    i had soe use of it, but still couldnt open jars or anything
<katey>    brushing teeth left handed sucks


<urusaipoppu> Disko: what kind of guitar are you using atm?
<Disko> shitty strat copy
<urusaipoppu> squier or less?
<Disko> less
<Disko> not sure of brand
<urusaipoppu> thinking about buying a new one
<urusaipoppu> something a bit different I think
<Disko> are you sure man?
<Disko> i heard shredding can make your arms stop working.
<urusaipoppu> oh shit I forgot about that
<urusaipoppu> but that’s only if I play for 8 hours right
<urusaipoppu> if I stop at 7:59 I should be okay
<Disko> yeah.
<Disko> exactly.
<Disko> because you won’t feel it coming.
<urusaipoppu> I wonder if I played for 88 hours straight if I’d go back in time
<Disko> of course
<urusaipoppu> I guess I’d need a flux capacitor pedal
<Disko> if you keep playing, your arms don’t stop working.
<Disko> they only stop working if you stop playing.
<urusaipoppu> man guitars are confusing