Perfect strangers – an indepth review of a 25 year old sitcom

So I just noticed that I still have a blog and haven’t updated it in a long time. Being that I have a butt-ton of schoolwork to do, I figured now would be a good time to review a sitcom that originally aired 25 years ago.

For those of you who are too young to remember, or those of you who have simply blanked the entire series from your mind for good reason, allow me to refresh your memory with the lovable intro:

Perfect Strangers intro

I recently stumbled across this on youtube whilst attempting to find some sexy 80s aerobic dancer videos, you know the ones with the big hair, fluro pink leotard g-strings over the yellow spandex pants?

Back on subject. After watching this intro video on youtube roughly 6 or 7 times I cued up the first season to download so it would be waiting for me when I arrived home from work. Unfortunately there was no 1080p rip so I had to settle with DivX DVD rips (firstworldproblems).

Now for those of you who are still with us let me introduce the characters and their back stories.

Larry Appleton

Larry moved to the big city (Chicago) in order to pursue his dream to become a photo journalist.  From what I can gather he is a gigantic homo who can’t even open a bag of chips, which makes him an awesome candidate for the position of photo journalist at many Australian news corporations.  From what else I can gather without thinking too deep, his sexy 80s neighbour wants to ride his meat stick, but for some reason or another, he doesn’t make a move.  Larry is a complete loser, he has a massive stick up his ass and just completely sucks at life.




Balki Bartokomous

Balki, when I was 8 back in the 90s, was fucking hilarious.  These days, he is only slightly funnier than Dane Cook, Modern Family and the Big Bang Theory (ie. not at all). He moved from some made up country in the Mediterranean and apparently like to fuck sheep or something. His catch phrase is “WELL OF COURSE NOT DON’T BE RIIIIIDICULOUS!” which back in the 80s/90s everybody liked to repeat like complete retards. From the get go we learn that Balki is Larry’s polar opposite. He completely nails everything without even trying, and accomplishes the impossible in ridiculous ways, and let’s not forget, he is a massive bitch magnet. Balki is basically Larry’s retarded Tyler Durden.



Donald Twinkacetti

Donald is the guy who runs the store underneath Larry’s apartment.  He is also the boss of Larry and Balki (they both work in his shop). He is an alcoholic, degenerate gambler and is a massive dick to both of our main characters.  Pretty much the most loveable character in the show. But I am pretty sure he is a pedophile.





Larry’s brother

Unfortunately, from what I have watched and what I can recall from the 90s, Larry’s brother is only featured in the introduction looking pretty fucking badass and never makes an actual appearance in the show.  I found myself spending most of the 20 minute episodes dreaming up my alternate “Perfect Strangers” featuring this guy as the main character.  His name is Jeffy.  Shortly after his douchebag brother moves to Chicago and the family celebrates, Jeffy makes his way to New York, where he starts his career as a pimp. When it comes to running whores – Jeffy is the absolute tits.




Stay tuned for my Growing Pains review.