Replacing my world with Open Source [results]

Just a follow up post to my results from my previous entry “Replacing my world with Open Source

Here’s how it went:

Safari -> Firefox 3.5rc2

This wasn’t a big deal, but while switching 3.5 was officially released as a stable version which pleased me a lot.  I’m really digging the addons (at the moment I’m using Adblocker Plus, 4chan (heh), black theme, twitterfox and a few more that don’t come to mind).

One thing I do actually miss from Safari though is the OS X integration which no addon has yet been able to replicate (mainly picture stuff .. add to iphoto etc)

Apple Mail -> Thunderbird 3b2 (fed up with Apple Mail’s lousy IMAP)

I miss Apple Mail a little for the same reason I miss Safari .. OS X integration.  The address book support in Thunderbird is pretty lousy and overall Thunderbird is a pretty ugly app ..

That being said I have stuck with it because it handles IMAP so much better than Apple Mail .. I think I will stick with this until Apple Mail gets up to stand with the IMAP stuff.

Photoshop CS3 -> Gimp

This was by far the standout transition that failed.  I tried Gimp and grew sick of X11 extremely fast.  GIMP is just too far removed from Photoshop for my liking.. and because I’m seasoned in Photoshop I found it very difficult to get the shortcuts and layouts out of my head.

I also tried out GIMPshop which liked to crash on opening and then finally I tried Seashore which was OK but definitely no where near Photoshop.

So in the end I moved back to CS3 and am happy with my choice.

Oddly enough though, I really enjoy using GIMP on Windows 7.

BBEdit -> Smultron

This was a fairly simple transition as I didn’t really utilise 99% of BBEdit’s features.  Smultron is great for a plain text editor, it does the job and I’ve kept it.

Logic Pro 8/Garageband 09 -> Ardour 2

With the decision to revive powermodell I actually got to test this out a little.  After dicking around a little bit with JACK, I got it running and I am quite taken by this app and will definitely be using it in future and making a donation when I can afford it :)

Parallels -> VirtualBox

Since I’m not a heavy VM user to begin with as I only really use Windows 7 for gaming and maybe when I get a little sick of looking at OS X – I didn’t test it out very much.  Though when I did, I didn’t like the non-bootcamp support, but I tried out Linux a little and it did the trick .. so I’ll be keeping it around since it won’t get used very much.

Toast -> Burn

Considering the drive on my Macbook Pro is quite shitty and is so close to death I’ve not really used this very much.  I tried it a little and it seemed to do the job .. I’ll keep it but I’m trying to limit my burning to a bare minimum due to my broken drive.

Microsoft Office 08 -> OpenOffice

Open Office is great, it does the trick .. the interface is a little ugly but I don’t really use Office that much to begin with.

Though it’s much less bloaty than MS Office .. it still feels a little “bigger” than it should be.

Will be keeping this one.

Transmit -> Cyberduck

Cyberduck is great and everybody knows it.  I like it and will be keeping it but I’m not really a big fan of the transfer box not cleaning itself up (though there’s probably an option for that, I’m just too lazy to look).

MSN Messenger -> Adium

I’m so happy to get rid of MSN Messenger, it wasn’t as bad of an app as everyone makes out – it’s just outdated.

Digging the Adium themes and addons.

Also I love the Facebook support ..

This one is a keeper.

Quicktime Pro -> Miro // VLC

Apologies to the hard working developers of Miro .. it has potential but at the moment I found it to be the most useless app in the world.  95% of the links wouldn’t work and it didn’t support half of my videos.

VLC got it’s 1.0 upgrade in the time since my last blog .. I’ve always used VLC as it is the best possible app around for video, anybody who tells you otherwise is a liar and should be destroyed.

Quicktime Pro still features every now and then for previewing AIFF files when I don’t want 1000 demo samples imported into iTunes.  Also I’m quite looking forward to Quicktime X :)

Spotlight -> Quicksilver

I’ve always been told how fantastic Quicksilver is, I just didn’t see the point.  I tried it numerous times and never kept it for long.

This time however, I installed it correctly, configured it out to my needs and I love it.

I’m using it for everything.  At work I find myself trying to hit CMD+Space to open apps.

Well done, definitely the highlight of my open source switching.

And finally, I did actually try out switching from iTunes to Songbird

Songbird is a great app and it will go far.  It plays all my DRM’d iTunes files, great customizeable interface with many wonderful addons.  I really dug the miniplayer and the quick search which took me back to my Winamp days.

However due to lack of iPhone support, and no iTunes store I found myself switching back pretty quickly.

I never really had a problem with iTunes to begin with – I just wanted to try something new (ie. if it ain’t broke…)

On the otherhand, I am using Songbird in Windows.  Using iTunes in Windows makes me understand why so many people hate it..

I’m open to suggestions to try out some alternatives or new apps I have forgotten to mention.

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  1. Fuckberries.. i spent a whole afternoon looking for an osx equivlent of “Analogue Warfare” and now i discover that Ardour has “Support for Windows VST plugins available”.


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