Replacing my world with Open Source

Previous naughty dock
Previous naughty dock

So basically I had a bit of a revolution on the computer front and decided to trash all my cracked/hacked apps and replace them with more happy karma inducing open source software.

So here’s what I’m switching:

Current happier desktop ^_^
Current happier dock ^_^

So I haven’t managed to find any free open-source apps to replace Reason and Reaktor but I’m trying to move away from my old sound they they’re going in the bin anyhow :)

I think for now I won’t replace any iLife apps including iTunes with Songbird because I’ve techincally paid for those apps and they work great.

Also Tweetie stays where it is until a sexier open source twitter app comes along.

I should also mention that after trashing the commercial apps and replacing with open source apps I’ve now an extra 15GB free ^_^

I’ll post again in about a week or two and see what I’ve caved on.

6 Replies to “Replacing my world with Open Source”

  1. Would free / open source VST’s be a suitable reason replacement (is there such thing as open source vst’s ?)

    1. I found a page with a list of open source ones the other day, I haven’t actually decided what I want for noisypoppy yet
      but yeah, I’m so tired of using reason so it has been binned – I simply can’t use it without writing like Power Modell ..

  2. lol

    it’s a shame propellerhead didn’t incorporate a way to use vsts or recoard audio in it:( would be far more flexible:/

    i like to think or Reason as a hardcore plugin for Ableton these days :D

  3. I actually use a few of those apps already.

    Not because I’m an open source nut, but simply because they are the best option from what’s available.

  4. Have you looked into Puredata? It’s a bit hardcore for me, but if you’re keen you could use it for whatever you’ve been using reaktor for, I think.

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