So it has been decided

mk149_1Thanks to all who voted!  90% of votes went to changing Power Modell to noisypoppy.

I’ve introduced a progress bar to the right column so you can all see how everything is going.


3 Replies to “So it has been decided”

  1. wooo! will it be the same awesome styles of the previous power modell?

    and will you be putting a band together for gigging?

  2. A little bit, I’m trying to move around a bit so it comes off as something new and completely different. Power Modell sounds too much the same.

    Not sure about the band thing, but I will be gigging when I have enough material with or without a band.

    Thanks for the support!

  3. coolio

    if you do throw a band together i may be able to help :P

    i shall watch this space :)

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