The internet people are here.

So I haven’t updated for a while I thought I’d share something that annoyed/amused me today.

So basically I’m trying to network the POS workstations between the two stores I work at as a side project for my boss. ¬†We use this shocking piece of software that looks like it was made with some sort of “MAKE YOUR OWN PROGRAM IN THREE CLICKS” type thing.

I couldn’t find any options to allow me to do this so I gave the “developer” a call to see what I could suss out.. the conversation went something like this:

<me> So basically what I want to do is have two databases on a server so the staff can view the inventory of the other store so we don’t double order things that we can get from the other store.

<retard> Yeah, remote desktop that. It’ll be too slow to get data across the internet

<me> .. we’re in the process of upgrading our internet from 256k to something a lot more reasonable.

<retard> nope, until we get the NBN in Perth the internet is going to be way too slow to transmit data. You should remote desktop.

<me> that’s ludicrous! You’re saying that accessing a database to check simple stock figures is not going to hold up on an 8mb line? And you think VNC or remote desktop will run perfectly fine? Do you understand how big a database is or how VNC works?

<retard> I’m not sure what VNC is. I’m not a big network expert, but remote desktop should run fine.

<me> Yeah that’s not really sensible since the store will be using the machine as a point of sale workstation, so we can’t just login and start moving things around…

<retard> ok, what you guys need to do is have a third computer to login to, to remote desktop and check stock.

<me> alright, well if we did do something like that, would it be possible to mirror the stock figures on the POS machine on the fly so I could technically just use that database over the network?

<retard> nope, our system doesn’t use databases, it uses files.

<me> ok… the files?

<retard> they’d have to manually update it every now and then

<me> well that’s not going to be really useful for checking stock figures .. it is a retail store..

<retard> see how the internet people usually do it is they have HTML on a HTML server with access to that

<me> what?

<retard> yeah, it’s pretty complicated

<me> alright, I’ve gotta go now, thanks.