The status of Power Modell

Power Modell, my little kitten is 6 years old and I thought I’d update on the status for those of you who care.

Basically, work, uni and noisypoppy occupy all my time so I sidelined Power Modell.  Originally noisypoppy was going to be a complete replacement for Power Modell.  But now I am doing my best to work towards new Power Modell music.

Basically over the months of June/July you should see the release of Матрошки [Be 9.0122] single which will tracklist as follows:

  1. Матрошки
  2. One feel from the apple tree..
  3. радио

This will be the last of the “old Power Modell” industrial noisy sound (at least for now), I am sick to death of making this kind of music.

Next step will be the release of Shegar is Silent [B 10.811] which I’m really really really trying to make into a more melodic wonderful trip-hoppy direction.

Aside from that, over the next week, will be back online after a long nap.

Last thing to note, all Power Modell will now be public domain for artists, directors, video game designers etc. all I ask is for a credit in exchange.  Hi-res versions will be made available for this.

Thanks kittens,
Miss Modell.