Trolling the fuck out of co-worker

So my co-worker is always coming in and sooking the fuck out about working one day a week (he’s 16).  Anyway today he sooked so much and I said it was okay that he goes at 2 if he serves every customer that comes in until then.

About 10 minutes later a customer comes in and he’s out the back on the phone to his girlfriend so I had to serve.  After, I told him that just added 30 minutes to his knockoff time and he flipped the fuck out.

So he re-arranges his plans to finish at 2:30 now and myself and my other co-worker at the other store decide it’d be fun to troll him even further.  I told him that the other store needed him because they’re ultra busy and he has to stay until 5.  He flipped out and told me it’s impossible to get there, so I pretended to call the boss and ask him to give him a lift to the other shop.  Hilarity ensued [VIDEO BELOW].

For about 30 minutes after that he was walking around fuming, waiting for the boss to pick him up, only stopping every 10 minutes to ask how far away he was and call me a few names.

Eventually we let him in on the joke and he wasn’t impressed.  10 minutes later the phone rings (it’s the guy from the other shop) and I let him know that it’s the boss and he has to stay until 4.

His jaw fucking hit to floor.

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